Sacred Sound Chakra Meditation

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Chakra meditation can heal and grow your chakras quickly.

You gain peace, balance and accelerated spiritual growth in your life. 

As you do the sacred sound chakra meditation exercise below, you should find that your physical body and outer life changes and heals to reflect the healing of your inner energy system.

And, as chakra meditation grows and expands your chakras, your spiritual life and psychic abilities will grow and expand too.

So that you can appreciate the many benefits of chakra meditation, you'll need to have a basic understanding of what chakras are and what area of your life each chakra affects and governs.

What And Where Are My Chakras?

Just like you have a nervous system, a circulatory system, a lymph system, and a skeletal system, you also have an energy system that underlies all of these physical components of you.

Your energy system is composed of chakras that condense and transform energy and channels (nadhis) that circulate energy throughout you.

Chakra meditation grows both your chakras and nadhis quickly.

The seven major chakras inside of your body are spinning vortexes of energy or “energetic motors”. They are stacked one atop the other beginning at the base of your body and ending at the top of your head.

1. Red Mooladhara chakra is on your perineum, between your sexual organs and anus at the base of your body. Mooladhara governs your ability to function in the physical world. This is where cool Yin energy from Mother Earth enters you.

2. Orange Swadishtana chakra is directly behind your pubic bone deep in your body near your spine. Swadishtana governs your emotions, sexual energies and subconscious.

3. Yellow Manipura chakra is the seat of your personal power. It is about one inch above your navel back near your spine. Don’t confuse yellow Manipura with your yellow Shree center of creativity. Shree is a little higher and closer to the front of you at the base of your breast bone.

4. Green Anahata chakra is directly behind your breast bone at heart level. Unconditional Love emanates from Anahata. It governs your relationships with all beings.

5. Sky blue Vishuddhi chakra at the base of your throat governs your ability to communicate.

6. Ajna chakra is centered on your pineal gland in the bottom of your brain directly behind the point between your eyebrows.

7. Violet Sahasrara Chakra is in the center of the top of your head. It’s centered on your fontanella -the very small opening where the four skull plates come together. Your connection to celestial energies enters you here.

When viewed from the front, your chakras look like balls of energy. When viewed from the top down, they look like flying saucers -- thick in the middle and getting thinner as you go out toward the edges.

Your bottom five chakras have rings of energy around them that protect and contain the energy in your chakras.

Your top two chakras are open to the entire universe. As you go deeper into chakra meditation and realize that you are the universe, these two chakras combine to form the Thousand Petal Lotus.

The Thousand Petal Lotus connects you to the web of light that joins all realized beings into one.

This journey towards realization is the path that chakra meditation will take you on.

How Can I See My Chakras During Chakra Meditation?

Experiencing your chakras unfolds differently for everyone doing chakra meditation.

It can be a combination of seeing/feeling/sensing/hearing or just one of these.

A little experimentation will quickly show you what is working for you. The key element here is accepting your own experience instead of trying to recreate someone else's experience.

Every one of us has a little bit different method of perceiving energy. Just trust yourself, and allow yourself to accept what you are experiencing.

The Sacred Sound chakra meditation exercise below is designed to allow all of your senses the opportunity to experience your chakras. You'll experience which sense works for you.

How can I know which chakras I need to work on?

Just work on all of them equally.

The ones that are smaller or have problems will grow and expand until all of your chakras are equally balanced.

Don't make the mistake of working on only one or two chakras. This is how your chakras get out of balance.

What do problems in my chakras look like?

Problems in chakras will appear in one of these ways:

​Darkness or cloudiness

Undersize when compared to your other chakras

​Areas in the chakra that contain an obstruction that stops energy from flowing smoothly in the chakra

The belt channel protecting the chakra is weak, broken or out of alignment with the chakra.​

A dark cord of energy coming into the chakra from outside of you.​

​A feeling of cloudiness or murkiness --of lacking clarity.

You may also feel the emotions that are causing the issue in your chakra as you observe it.​

What colors are my chakras?

Your chakras are exactly the same colors and appear in exactly the same order as the colors of the rainbow.

Beginning from the bottom and going up they are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet/white.

Within each chakra, you may see variations in colors, textures and layers. For example, the green heart chakra often contains large amounts of pink love.

I really want to emphasize here that you should trust your own experience rather than trying to impose someone else's experience on your perceptions.

For many years I tried to force myself to see indigo in my Third Eye, but I kept seeing no color at all. I just saw what kind of looked like an empty space.

As my meditation progressed, my understanding and clarity grew. I realized that I was actually seeing the emptiness that this chakra expands out into.

This emptiness is the foundation of our universe. If I had trusted what I was seeing, I could've jumped far ahead in my meditation.

Please trust yourself.

What problems will doing chakra meditation bring to me?

Chakra meditation cleans, grows and expands your chakras so that they can process more energy.

You'll have to deal with several issues that are a natural part of your spiritual growth process.

As you clean your chakras, you may experience the painful emotions or events that caused a blockage in the first place. There are two ways to deal with these releasing issues.

1. Just observe them and allow them to release without reacting to them. This is the method taught in Vipassana meditation by Buddhist teachers. It will help a lot if you can do Vipassana, which is one of the easiest meditation methods to learn.

2. Use healing energy to heal issues as they arise. If you have learned an energy healing system like Reiki, Vortex Healing, Cosmic Healing, Pranic Healing or any other good healing system you'll have no trouble healing yourself.

Sacred Chakra Meditation Awakening Sounds

Sacred Chakra Awakening Sounds

Sacred Sound Chakra Meditation

After you read through the brief chakra meditation guide below, you may want to return to the infographic above and use it as a cheat sheet while you do your chakra meditation.

The chakra names and sacred sounds are on the left side.​

The sacred sounds that you’ll be chanting vibrate your chakras. It's this vibration that activates, cleanses and expands your chakras. The chakras function better and can process more energy for you.

The key to creating this vibration is vibrating your nasal bone. It’s easy. Any kid on the schoolyard can do it.

Now, I’m sure you were very well behaved and never did this, but maybe you remember hearing the other kids doing it.

They taunted each other with this sound, “Nga nga nguh nga nga.” To make it, they had to vibrate their nasal bone while forcing the air to flow out through their nose instead of through the mouth.

You’ll be doing the same here. But the sounds that you’ll produce will be much more pleasant. You’ll find the sounds below -a different sound for each chakra. The sounds are also on the infographic above.

You’ll notice quite quickly that all the sounds end in mmm…

As you make the mmm… sound, close your lips to force the air out through your nose causing the vibration

Feel/see the vibration in the chakra you’re targeting as you create the vibration in your nasal bone.

The first syllable of the sound guides the vibration into the correct chakra.

Always begin with Mooladhara and work up because this follows the natural flow of Mother Earth energy coming up through you.

Please use a comfortable seated meditation position. Never do this chakra meditation exercise laying down. You’ll damage your chakras.

Using abdominal breathing will help you stay focused and allow blockages to release naturally as they arise.

1. Stretch your body upward, so that it feels like your head is being lifted by an invisible hook on top of it. Feel your spine stretching as the spaces between your vertebrae open and expand so that they can breathe fresh clean energy in.

2. Allow yourself to settle back down into your meditation position with your head balanced naturally on top of your realigned spine.

3. Close your eyes, allow your breathing to slow down and smile that wonderful Buddha smile that you had when you were an innocent young child. And you drop normally and naturally into a wonderful space of inner calm and peacefulness.

4. Gently focus your attention in red Mooladhara chakra on your premium -- that little strip of skin between your sexual organs and anus right at the base of your body.

Chant the chakra’s Sanskrit name –MOOLADHARA- out loud seven times to focus your attention in the chakra. Then chant the chakra’s awakening sound –LAMMM….- seven times to activate energy into the chakra. This cleanses and grows the chakra.

As you chant, move into the vibration of trust. Know that the universe will provide you with what you need to grow and advance on your spiritual path. Let go of any anxiety regarding the material world. Work, money, shelter, food and the teachers you need will all appear in your life as needs arise.

Feel that wonderfully cool column of Mother Earth energy coming up into your red base chakra from the earth below. This is all powerful Yin, or female, energy that gives you the power to create the life you want in this physical world.

5. Allow the column of cool, expensive Earth energy to carry you up into orange Swadishtana chakra. It’s located directly behind your pubic bone back near the base of your spine.

Focused in the orange vortex, you chant the chakra’s name seven times. Then chant the sacred sound, VAMMM… seven times as you see and feel the chakra growing and expanding.

Connect into your emotional and sexual energies that are expressed through Swadishtana. Allow your emotions and sexual feelings to rise up through you, observing and experiencing these natural energies freely with no attempt to suppress them.

As the energies flow through you, you may experience the release of anything that you have repressed into your subconscious. You can simply observe it as it releases, or you can use healing energies to dissolve away any pain that arises.

After the release, allow yourself to experience the spontaneous joy and love that floods into you. Compassionately embrace your emotions and sexuality as a wonderfully normal, vital part of yourself that you accept completely.

6. And allow the cool column of Earth energy coming up through the red and orange chakras to carry you on up into yellow Manipura chakra. It’s located about 1 inch above your navel back near your spine.

Be careful not to confuse yellow Manipura just above your navel with your yellow Shree center of creativity which is just below the base of your breast bone in your solar plexus.

Chant Manipura seven times to focus your attention in the chakra and then chant sacred sound RAMMM… seven times as you see the chakra grow and expand.

Feel your personal power growing and expanding with the yellow chakra -- your confidence and self-esteem expanding and growing.

Anything blocking you dissolves away in the brilliant yellow light shining out of Manipura chakra. Shyness, self-doubt, fear and self-blame all disappear, leaving you free to step into your power, to accomplish your goals with a self-assured certainty that you are living out your purpose in this world.

7. And the cool, powerful column of Earth energy coming up through the red, orange and yellow chakras carries you on up. Up into the blissful, compassionate love of emerald green Anahata chakra located at heart level directly behind your breast bone back near your spine.

Chant Anahata, Anahata… seven times to focus yourself in the emerald green chakra. Then chant Yammmm… seven times vibrating the chakra and activating Love.

Allow yourself to dissolve into blissful compassionate Love. Love that melts away all the pain about your relationships. Your heart center becomes open and receptive to love.

Feel yourself coming into balance -- balance with the physical world that you relate to through the three lower chakras and balance with the spiritual world that you relate to through the three upper chakras.

Perfectly balanced in compassionate Love, move into a certain knowing that you are exactly where you need to be right now at this point in time.

Observe the yellow, orange and red energy centers below in perfect alignment with the emerald green of your heart.

8. The powerful column of energy, now infused with Love, carries you on your upward journey. Up you go into the spinning, sky blue of Vishuddhi chakra at the base of your throat.

Chant Vishuddhi seven times as you focus yourself in the clear blue. As you chant the sacred sound Hammm… seven times move into your truth, becoming able to communicate the Love rising up from your heart clearly, openly and honestly.

All emotional blocks affecting your communications dissolve away. Intense blue light expands and grows in the chakra, expanding your abilities to communicate Love, blissful Love through all media.

Observe sky blue Vishuddhi chakra spinning in perfect alignment with the green, yellow, orange and red chakras below.

9. The all- powerful column of love filled energy now carries you upward into the magical Cave of Brahama -home to Ajna chakra. Ajna is the seat of your psychic perception -your ability to sense and work in all the many nonphysical realms.

Focus your attention on your pineal gland which lies in the very center of Ajna chakra. Chanta Ajna 7 times. Then chant the sacred sound Aummmm… 7 times.

You may observe some sensation in your forehead as Ajna activates. After working with this meditation for some time, you may experience a brilliant ligh appear in the chakra’s center.

As this brilliant light grows, so will your psychic and Spiritual abilities. The light will eventually grow into the Thousand Petaled Lotus that connects you to the universal web of light and all other beings.

10. And the column of love filled energy bursts out of the top of your head as you chant Sacred Ommm…. while focused in the violet Sahasrara chakra crowning you.

Celestial energies can pour into and through you in ever increasing amounts as Sahasrara opens and clears. Your healing powers increase.

Your awareness of the astral realms grows. You become able to explore our entire Universe, traveling in the energy realms at will.

The rainbow that you are is complete now, fully activate in all 7 areas of your existence.

Physical, emotional, personal power, Love, communication, psychic ability and your Universal knowledge and wisdom are all activated and functioning together.

11. Lay down in Savasana immediately to cool your energy system.​

S you rest and integrate the energies you've generated, you enter into a space of peace and balance, fully empowered in all aspects.


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