Dark Forces and Your Spiritual Awakening

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Do you sometimes feel like you’re under attack by dark energies manipulating you?

Do you clear one layer of negative energy only to have another issue appear?

Does it feel like it’s never going to end?

Or maybe you’re one of the many who are completely unaware of the malignant web of dark forces that afflicts every person on our planet.

As you go through your Spiritual Awakening process, it’s quite common to start becoming more aware of these dark forces and how they hold you back.

It’s also quite normal for people who are awakening to come under severe attack by dark forces that are seeking to keep you entangled and prevent your awakening.

Your full awakening brings you complete freedom from the cycle of life, death and rebirth. You attain enlightenment.

And you gain great powers -including the power to transform all types of negative energy at will.

The dark forces really don’t want you to awaken.

Your awakening threatens them directly. Not only are they going to lose the ability to feed off of your energy, but they know that you’re going to become a direct threat to their existence.

Here are 13 of the many symptoms people being afflicted by negative forces experience:

  • Irritable grouchiness
  • Restlessness
  • Inability to sleep properly
  • Low energy levels
  • Sudden weight gain
  • Unexplainable mood swings or changes in behavior
  • Sudden onset of a physical health problem
  • Chronic health problem that nothing seems to help
  • Memory problems or poor concentration
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Uncharacteristic impulsive behavior
  • Seeing shadows flitting about out of the corner of your eye
  • Hearing voices inside you or outside of you

If you’re having one or more of the symptoms, you probably have some dark energies afflicting you.

Sri Aurobindo, one of India’s great yogis, wrote this about dark forces:

“Men are being constantly invaded by the hostiles and there are great numbers of men who are partly or entirely under their influence. At the present moment they are very active all over the earth. Of course in the outside world there is no consciousness, such as is developed in yoga, by which they can either become aware of or consciously repel the attacks – the struggle in them between the psychic and the hostile force goes on mostly behind the veil or so far as it is on the surface is not understood by the mind.

The apparent freedom and self-assertion of our personal being to which we are so profoundly attached, conceal a most pitiable subjection to a thousand suggestions, impulsions, forces which we have made extraneous to your little person. Our ego, boasting of freedom, is at every moment the slave, toy and puppet of countless beings, powers, forces, influences in universal Nature. All life is the play of universal forces. The individual gives a personal form to these universal forces.

But he can choose whether he shall respond or not to the action of a particular force. Only most people do not really choose – they indulge the play of the forces. Your illnesses, depressions, etc. are the repeated play of such forces. It is only when you’re back to bed having yet final opinion thank you twitter story about a big mess one can make oneself free of them that one can be the true person and have a true life – but one can be free only by living in the Divine.

Sri Aurobindo, The Hidden Forces of Life

These dark forces form a web utilizing many energies, beings and situations. When you begin to awaken, the entire negative web begins to work actively to keep you ensnared, to stop you from gaining freedom.

Dark forces include but are not limited to:

  • The group mind or collective consciousness
  • Entities
  • Your own karma
  • The influence of everyone around you including friends and relatives who are not awakening with you
  • Black magic -the deliberate misuse of energy by another person to control or harm you
  • Emotional attacks -the anger sadness and fear of those around you
  • The situations of life that you are already entangled in, that you got into before your awakening started.
  • Government propaganda and mainstream media generating fear and hatred
  • Advertising triggering your desires and emotions
  • Smart screens and electronic devices affecting your brain adversely.

Let’s examine these situations one at a time so that you can gain a better understanding of how to deal with them.

The group mind or collective consciousness

In the West we like to think that we are free individuals making our own decisions while being completely uninfluenced by the thoughts of others around us.

The web of dark forces reinforces this useful illusion to keep you trapped.

The truth is that your consciousness is very much subject to the thoughts, opinions and beliefs of everyone around you.

If you have ever gone to a football game and experienced the wave of people standing up and cheering that moves around the Stadium, you’ll understand this better.

If you try to remain seated when the wave reaches you, you’re definitely going to experience some very strong mental and emotional discomfort as everyone around you stands up, and you are the only one remaining seated.

It’s only when you break free of this group consciousness that you start to see it clearly controlling the actions of around you.

You may see this group consciousness if you start asking yourself questions like:

Why does everyone wear clothing?

Because if you don’t wear clothes the police are going to be flooded with calls and put you in jail because everyone always wears clothes and you’re not wearing clothes. Do you really have any free choice here?

Why do people in the West use knives and forks while people in the Middle East eat with their fingers?
Because it’s a social custom. It’s what everybody else is doing in that social group.

And when you’re in that social group that’s eating with their fingers, you’re going to have some pretty strong emotions running around in you as you break with your own established eating habits while courageously, self-consciously and uncomfortably using your fingers.

Or you could nervously ask for a spoon -if you can even summon the courage to ask for that spoon in a social setting where everyone else is comfortable using their fingers.


If you’re not your usual sunny, cheerful self -if your thoughts, emotions, moods and behavior are out of whack, you may be carrying an entity around.

Most people are carrying some type of entity around with them, quite often several. Usually these entities are not noticeable to an untrained observer, but the symptoms above will be.

A few of the many classes of entities include:

  • Spirits of dead relatives or friends -these beings usually just need a little help to move on –maybe some healing and maybe you letting go of any attachment you have to them. (Your unresolved anger, sadness or fear. Missing them is common.)
  • Demons Invade people because they want a physical body so that they can influence events in this world. They also want to regain the ability to experience physical sensations again — like the taste of food, the pleasure of sex and the pleasure of wielding power. They often work under the direction of a sorcerer.
  • Life destroyers attack your life force energy, draining it dry and leaving you an empty husk that will soon die. They especially like to attack defenseless fetuses inside of pregnant women.
  • Fallen Angels often appear as beings of light who deceive people into following practices that are not entirely beneficial. Many people involved in channeling are deceived by fallen Angels.
  • Aliens occasionally appear to be harvesting energy from humans.
  • Angel of death, sometimes accompanied by dark entities, usually appears when death is imminent.

Your Karma

Your past life karmic stream stretches out behind you through time and space. It contains all of the influences that your past actions have generated.

Over your millions of life times you have created tremendous amounts of both “good” and “bad” karma.

How much negative karma you have left resolve is entirely dependent on the spiritual work you’ve done in your past lives. If you’ve already cleaned up your karma, your awakening will be relatively smooth. If you got a lot left to resolve, you have your work cut out for you.

You’ll need to a lot of self-healing over time as layer after layer of karma ripens.

Using a good healing system will be of tremendous help to you. Good healing systems include:

  • Reiki. You should have level III, and be sure you get it from a teacher who it attunes all seven chakras so that you get a balanced initiation.
  • Pranic healing
  • Cosmic healing

Influence of people around you

Anyone who is not fully awake in the present moment is subject to the influence of dark forces.

This definition is quite rigorous. It means that anyone who is not in a state of awareness 24/7 is subject to influence.

So nearly all spiritual teachers working today will have occasional lapses back into an unaware state where they make mistakes.

Now don’t go into panic mode and run away from your teacher just because you have observed a lapse of judgment on her part. Simply be aware that she’s a human being and may still be working on her own issues.

The best way to handle this is to make use of the teachings that are working for you without placing the teacher on a pedestal.

The exception here would be a fully realized teacher who is living the life of the Saint. Such an individual is extremely rare. Your karma must be exceptionally good to meet such a person.

So everyone around you is subject to subconscious impulses that will work to hinder your awakening.

Those people who are still going through their own awakening process will have a mix of influence on you. Some of their actions will be extremely beneficial and helpful, while at other times they can have a negative influence.

It’s from this group of people that friends will emerge who support you and help you on your journey just as you support and help them.

Then there are those who are still completely asleep and will probably never awaken in this lifetime. As your own spiritual journey progresses, you’ll find that you have less and less in common with these individuals. They will become more and more distant from you.

It’s often painful to watch partners, parents, children and once close friends drift away from you as you break free of the web of dark forces while they remain enmeshed and are left behind.

You just keep loving them, even though you can no longer participate in the same activities that you once shared with them.

Black magic

Black magic is defined as the deliberate use of energy to control or harm another person.

It’s not just the witch doctor dancing around his fire deep in the heart of Africa misusing magic these days.

More and more people are consciously using energy in societies where magic was once eradicated.

Virtually all of these people are still heavily influenced by their own emotions and their own erroneous belief systems.

When people consciously use energy in the grip of a severe emotional disturbance, people around them get hurt badly.

Then there are the misguided energy workers who attempt to use their abilities to force others to clean up their act. Let’s say you really love your husband and you want him to quit smoking for his own good.

You use your energy work to make him stop smoking even though he doesn’t want to. This sets up a very unhealthy conflict within him between the energy you put in him and his desire to smoke.

Another, even more dangerous, conflict arises between your will and his desire. Egos come into play.

And then we have a whole class of energy practitioners who have deliberately decided to work with the dark side. These people are consciously working to control the lives of as many others as possible.

Black magic, or the deliberate use of energy to interfere with another person’s free will, wears many faces.

Emotional attacks

Emotional attacks happen when a person has a story going around and around in their heads about you that is powered by a strong emotion like anger, sadness or fear.

The strongest emotional attacks occur between family members. If you just had an argument with your partner, both of you have emotionally charged stories going around in your head about the other person.

The story powered by the emotion generates a very powerful stream of energy that attacks and harms the other person.

The situations of life entangling you

You probably have a job, a family of some kind and a social group. All of these have a very strong influence on your behavior.

As your awakening progresses and you start to become more aware of this influence, your job, relationships and the people you associate with may all undergo radical changes.

Breaking free of these influences is usually quite painful for everyone concerned.

Government and media propaganda

This sounds like something out of communism, or George Orwell’s 1984, but it is alive and well all around you. And because it is all around you, it’s often taken for granted and passes by unnoticed.

Propaganda very successfully utilizes the group mind. It’s not easy to go against the erroneous beliefs of everyone around you. All kinds of unpleasant things begin to happen to you.


Advertisers make use of emotional triggers to influence you. They have quite accurately determined that humans make decisions based on emotions.

And if they can trigger the emotions of the group as well as the individual then they have the group consciousness working for them.

Electronic devices

All electronic devices generate a field of radiation around them is very disruptive to your energy system AND they’re very disruptive to healthy social interaction.

This is becoming more and more widely recognized as more and more people living near high tension power lines and electrical transformers are falling ill with a variety of diseases.

Electronic devices also afflict us on a much more individual level. Televisions, cell phones and computers each have their own harmful aspects.

Watching television disrupts the normal social interaction in family groups while giving you severely flawed role models, filling your mind with propaganda and triggering your desires.

Cell phones do the same in a much more individually targeted way while disrupting your energy system with their own particularly harmful radiation.

Computers generate the same type of radiation while severely overtaxing your brain as you try to force your thought processes to keep up with the computer. Your brain becomes so overheated that you start losing basic functions like the abilities to sleep and eat normally.

Smart screens affect the frontal cortex of your brain in exactly the same way as drugs like cocaine do, giving you a very addictive euphoric high. No wonder you can get your kid away from his Smart screen.

Sabotage and manipulation

As your spiritual awakening progresses, you’ll find that all of these influences seem to double and treble their efforts to keep you ensnared.

Both people you already know and newcomers become the direct agents of the dark forces seeking to keep you from awakening.

Remember -anyone who is not already fully awakened can be an unwitting agent.

Those who are almost fully awakened can lapse, losing their focus on being fully present in the moment long enough for a subconscious impulse to be planted in them that will harm your awakening.

Then there is the vast majority of people who were born without sufficient awareness for them to become awakened in this lifetime. Every one of those people is an agent capable of manipulating you either deliberately or unconsciously.

You will also undoubtedly experience sabotage.

As you’re going to a spiritual gathering, your car breaks down, someone gets sick, there is an accident, you get an unexpected telephone call about a situation demanding your presence….

As you log onto your computer to attend the Skype healing session or meditation class, your computer malfunctions.

You’re going to experience sabotage in many many forms.

Fortunately, you will also experience unexplainable synchronicities as the forces of light work to help you gain your freedom.

Sri Aurobindo says this about the concerted attack by all the dark forces arrayed against you as you begin awakening:

These attacks very ordinarily become violent when the progress is becoming rapid and on the way to be definite – especially if they find they cannot carry out an effective aggression into the inner being, they try to shake by outside assaults. One must take it as a trial of strength, a call for gathering all one’s capacities of calm and openness to the Light and Power, so as to make oneself an instrument for the victory of the Divine over the undivine, of the Light over the darkness in the world-tangle. It is in this spirit that you must face these difficulties till the higher things are so confirmed in you that these forces can attack no longer.

There are two things that make it impossible for them [the hostile forces] to succeed even temporarily in any attack on the mind or the vital – first, an entire love, devotion and confidence that nothing can shake, secondly, a calm and equality in the vital as well as in the mind which has become the fundamental character of the inner nature. Suggestions then may still come, things go wrong outside, but the being remains invulnerable. Either of these two things is sufficient in itself – and in proportion as they grow, even the existence of the hostile forces becomes less and less of a phenomenon of the inner life – though they may still be there in the outer atmosphere.

– Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga

Dark Forces Posing as Angels or Saints

This is so important and so misunderstood that I want to repeat this again even though I covered briefly above.

What do you think happened to the one third of the angels that God cast out of heaven (Revelation 12 7-12)?

The common misconception is that the fallen Angels went to hell and became demons and so are readily recognizable.

In reality, the fallen angels didn’t stop being angels when they were cast out of heaven. They just lost their ability to be in the presence of God because they, like Satan, allowed the desire to control other beings to overwhelm them.

So they’re still angels, still beings of light with great powers, still able to heal, teach and help. But they have an ulterior motive.

They want to control you in some way. They want you to worship them.

And when you do, you surrender your free will to them.

There are also a great number of so-called saints who are exactly the same. In exchange for helping you, they demand your devotion in some way.

A true angel or saint only points the way to God, to an authority much higher than himself.

Finding a True Healer

When you look for a healer, you need to be aware of two things.

First Your problem is going to come back if the root cause is not healed.

Let’s say that you have an entity attached to you. Most people just remove the entity. They don’t question what it was about your makeup that allowed the entity to become attached in first place.

This could be an emotional issue inside of you like a deep sadness or hatred. The entity is able to gain access to you through that emotion which it then feeds off of.

Failing to heal the underlying emotional issue just leaves you wide open for more entities to come and feed off of the same emotional pain.

Every issue that you have has one or more underlying causes. Your healer needs to be able to ferret out these hidden issues.

Second a true healer knows that for real healing to take place you really need to do it yourself. You need to heal yourself.

This usually entails a learning process, which is much more difficult and time-consuming than just saying, “Here I am. I’m broke. Fix me.”

[…] And that is the key and most important part of healing work: A “healer” doesn’t heal you. A healer is someone who triggers within you, your own ability to heal yourself. Your own body knows what to do and it is always striving towards wholeness and healing (on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) if given the space to do so. You have the power all within yourself and you are your own healer, even though we all need assistance sometimes (asking for help can be very challenging for some people) to have the space and safety to let it happen.

Your Spiritual Awakening is a Process that Entails

  1. You becoming aware of the dark forces –both inside you and outside of you- that are arrayed against you.
  2. Your becoming free of those influences through learning how to deal with them for yourself.

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