9 Effective How to Meditate Deeply Methods

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How to meditate deeply using 9 easy to learn techniques that really work.

Would you like to discover how to meditate deeply like Buddhist monks and Indian gurus do?

Then you need to use the same techniques that they used to gain their amazing abilities to simply be in deep meditation.

The 9 how to meditate deeply methods below have been used successfully by generation after generation of practitioners because they have been found valuable enough to keep being used.

These techniques have stood the test of time.

We’ll assume that you already know basic meditation practices like how to do abdominal breathing, use a posture that’s comfortable for you and the value of daily practice.

The how to meditate deeply methods below begin with simple practices that you can use by yourself at home. Then we’ll go into the real fast track techniques that you’ll need a highly experienced meditation teacher to take advantage of.

Not to worry. You can find good teachers right where you are. The Internet makes it possible to receive live meditation lessons from a living teacher anywhere you are.

Don’t be put off by the more exotic sounding techniques listed last. They can bring you the fastest progress.

How to Meditate Deeply Using Your Breath

Everyone, regardless of their ability, can use this technique. It’s the method Buddha used to gain Enlightenment, and it’s the way most Buddhist monks teach meditation.

You may already know how to do Vipassana meditation, which is simply observing and counting your breaths. If you don’t, you can learn how to do Vipassana in this video.

Vipassana is very simple, but it can be very frustrating in the beginning because your mind keeps throwing up thoughts that distract you from observing your breath.

The secret to discovering how to meditate deeply by observing your breath is to make your breaths slower, longer and smoother.

Your breath has a direct impact on your thoughts and emotions.

When you consciously make your breaths slower, longer and smoother, your thoughts and emotions automatically become calmer and slow too.

Begin with making your breaths longer. Just breath in and out slower so that the time needed for each inhalation and exhalation increases.

Once you’re breathing slower, focus on making your already slow breaths smoother.

You’ll probably notice some jerkiness or irregularity in your breaths at first, but as you focus on smoothness, you’ll find yourself slipping into deeper and deeper states of meditation effortlessly.

Exercise for How to Meditate Deeply Using Your Breath

  1. Sit in a comfortable meditation posture.
  2. Use your favorite meditation method.
  3. Use abdominal breathing.
  4. Allow your breaths to become slow and gentle.
  5. When your breathing has slowed, focus your attention on making your breath very, very smooth with no roughness or jerkiness.

How to Meditate Deeply with Gazing

Gazing is a dead easy way to get yourself into deeper meditation.

All you do is pick an object and look at it without allowing yourself to look away.

Blinking is ok, but glancing away breaks the focus and ability to concentrate that gazing builds so quickly.

The best object to gaze at is the eyes of your good friend.

Second best is your own eyes in a mirror.

As you gaze deeper and deeper into those eyes, you may notice that the face around the eyes is changing shape, age, sex or color. You’re seeing past lives.

Thoughts, visions or emotions may arise in you while gazing. Just keep gazing, and pay no attention to these distracting phenomenon that are only negative energies releasing inside you.

As this release happens your meditation, emotions, thoughts and psychic vision all clear as you get cleaner and cleaner.

You may experience your eyes running with tears, excessive yawning, belching or farting that all signal release.

20 minutes to 1 hour is a good length of time to gaze.

Other objects that work well to gaze at are candles or flowers -anything beautiful that interests you will work.

Exercise for How to Meditate Deeply with Gazing

  1. Choose your object.
  2. Sit comfortably so that the object is level with your eyes. If the object is too low, you may fall asleep. If it’s too high your thoughts will become wilder.
  3. Set the timer on your cell phone for 20+ minutes.
  4. Use abdominal breathing.
  5. Gaze at your object steadily without looking away. You may blink to keep your eyes moist.

How to Meditate Deeply Using Mirror Mind

The mirror mind technique is widely practiced by Buddhist monks.

It’s very simple for those who have a good imagination.

Just visualize a mirror behind your brain -between your brain and the inside of your skull. The mirror reflects all of your thoughts. Keeping the mirror clear and empty keeps your mind clear and empty.

Exercise for How to Meditate Deeply Using Mirror Mind

  1. Sit in your preferred meditation posture.
  2. Use abdominal breathing with slow, smooth breaths.
  3. See the mirror behind your brain but inside your skull.
  4. See your thoughts reflected in the mirror.
  5. Keep the mirror clear and empty.

How to Meditate Deeply Using the Moon Disk

The moon disk is another excellent tool from Buddhism.

How to Meditate Deeply using the Moon Disk

How to Meditate Deeply using the Moon Disk

You can see the Medicine Buddha sitting on the moon disk in the image. It’s the round white disk between the Buddha and the lotus.

The moon disk is like a liquid that reflects all of your thoughts AND emotions as ripples, waves or severe disturbances on its surface.

You’ll notice a direct correlation between the smoothness of your breath and the calmness of the moon disk.

Keeping the moon disk clear and calm keeps your emotions calm and your mind clear.

Exercise for How to Meditate Deeply Using the Moon Disk

  1. Sit in your preferred meditation posture.
  2. Use abdominal breathing paying close attention to making your breaths slow and very smooth.
  3. See (imagine) the moon disk directly below you.
  4. Keeping the moon disk free of ripples, waves or disturbances keeps your emotions calm and your mind clear.

How to Meditate Deeply Using Guided Meditation

Guided meditations are definitely the lazy man’s way to get into meditation. All you do is start the recording and drift off into it.

You’ll find thousands of guided meditations on Youtube.

However, live guided meditation from a teacher may be more effective for getting into a particular state of meditation the first time.

This is because your mind will be entrained by your teacher’s mind going into the meditation as he talks you through it.

You’ll get the best guided experience from teachers who can give you an initiation into the state while they’re talking you through it.

Many teachers say they can give the initiations through a recording, but this method produces a very diluted experience compared to a living transmission.

Exercise for How to Meditate Deeply Using Guided Meditation

  1. Sit or lay down and relax.
  2. Use abdominal breathing.
  3. Start the recording.
  4. Enjoy

How to Meditate Deeply by Meditating with a Realized Person

You may be asking what a realized person is.

A realized person is someone who has experienced ego death in emptiness and has realized all the levels of meditation all the way to Samadhi.

Samadhi is the ability to meditate in pure awareness.

It was only after I experienced ego death that my Indian teachers told me I was ready to teach.

Ego death is NOT the highest state. It isn’t the end of the meditation journey. The ability to enter Samadhi isn’t the end.

These are just important milestones on your Spiritual journey that will continue as you go ever deeper into the amazing, wondrous universe of meditation.

The reasons you need a realized person to meditate with are:

  1. A realized mind has already experienced reality and will guide you into reality.
  2. Your mind will be entrained effortlessly by the mind of the teacher. In his presence, you become able to meditate in the same state he is meditating in.

Kalki Bhagavan, leader of India’s Oneness University, says that one person meditating in very deep states can lift up the consciousness of 64,000 people.

Other authoritative meditation teachers put that figure as high as 120,000.

It’s certain that people meditating in deep states have a very positive influence on everyone around them.

During the crime wave of the early nineteen nineties that catapulted Washington D.C. into notoriety as America’s murder capital, the Transcendental Meditation group conducted a series of studies in conjunction with the police department.

The TM people kept a group meditating throughout the summer months three years in a row. During those months crime rates showed a very pronounced decrease.

The meditating group was calming the entire population of the city.

Modern science doesn’t yet understand how this works. But the ability of people meditating in deep states to influence the minds of others is widely recognized and sought after by people experienced with meditation.

This is why followers travel great distances at great expense to meditate in the presence of Masters.

Fortunately, with the advent of the internet and Skype, you can enjoy meditating with a realized master at home by participating in a live online meditation.

Exercise for How to Meditate Deeply by Meditating with a Realized Person

Check out your local Buddhist organizations, yoga studios, meditation centers or holistic centers for free group meditations.

How to Meditate Deeply Through Receiving Initiations

You can be initiated into meditation in a deep state. Initiations are like a key that opens your mind so that you can perceive a meditative state or an energy frequency.

It’s best to get your meditation initiations from a realized teacher.

Tibetan Rinpoches give great meditation initiations that usually involve meditating on a Buddha while chanting a mantra.

After your teacher gives you the initiation, you’ll have to do the practice he gives you. Doing the practice will anchor the initiation in you. Then you’ll be able to use it anytime.

If you fail to start using the initiation by doing the practice immediately, you’ll probably lose your precious gift.

Exercise for How to Meditate Deeply Through Initiations

Check around your local Buddhist centers, holistic centers and yoga studios for times when initiations are available.

Buddhists always offer them around New Year, Veesak Day (full moon in May) and on Buddha’s birthday.

How to Meditate Deeply Receiving Deeksha

Deeksha can open your awareness to deep levels of meditation very quickly.

Deeksha is a very fine psychic energy used by gurus and yogis to transfer states of meditation directly from their mind into your mind.

Each teacher has his own, very personal Deeksha energy. The efficacy and effect of the Deeksha being transmitted depends greatly on the teacher’s own state. So it’s good to be careful about who you receive Deeksha from.

In recent years two married gurus, Amma and Bhagavan, have popularized Deeksha by creating the Oneness University in South India near Chennai.

They figured out how to turn ordinary people into Deeksha gives, something that was previously done only by realized teachers. This made Deeksha readily available in most countries if you seek it out.

How to Meditate Deeply Using Shaktipat

True Shatipat is the Formula 1 race car of the meditation world.

You can be transported directly into Enlightenment, have your Kundalini awakened or go into deep states of meditation instantly.

What actually happens to you depends on two variables:

  1. Your ability to receive what is being given. This depends entirely on how far you’ve advanced Spiritually in your past lives. If you’ve done your work and are very clean, Shaktipat can bring great results.
  2. The intent and ability of the Shaktipat giver. The better the giver’s own meditation is, the better your experience will be.

The word Shaktipat is two words joined together. Shakri refers to the smallest, most basic energy particles existing. Hinduism classifies these particles as Shakti, the pinnacle of the divine feminine.  Pat means to bestow or give.

So giving Shaktipat means that the giver can work in the most basic level of your energy to create whatever he wants to manifest inside you.

You may begin to realize that the potential for harm or abuse is just as great as the potential for fast Spiritual advancement, depending on the giver’s intent and his own Spiritual state.

Try to find a realized teacher to receive Shaktipat from. Examine him closely to see if his life and actions reflect what you want to become.


I hope sincerely that this brief overview of how to meditate deeply helps you sort out a few of the many wonderful options available to people who want to go deeper.

I wish you safe, smooth and speedy progress.

If you want to try any of these how to meditate deeply techniques, send us an email at Richard@meditatenheal.org or send us a Skype contact request at Skype ID Meditatenheal. We’ll be happy to advise you free of charge.

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