Spiritual Awakening Explored -How you can enjoy an awakening

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Spiritual awakening has become a popular buzz word in our society.

Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening

But there’s a great deal of confusion about exactly what a Spiritual awakening is, how you can become awakened, what the symptoms are and how to handle your awakening.

We’ll cover all four of these very important aspects of Spiritual awakening in this easy to read article.

What is a Spiritual awakening, really?

The short answer is that the term means different things to different people at different times.

Sound confusing?

It is confusing.

That confusion, along with over use of the term, is why there is so much misunderstanding about Spiritual awakenings and what they really are.

A very broad definition of Spiritual awakening is: An expansion of your consciousness (awareness).

The expansion can be small, bringing one particular insight, or the expansion can encompass our entire universe.

Many different experiences can cause your awareness to expand, and all have been called Spiritual awakening -usually by the person who had the experience.

The most basic type of awakening is realizing that there is something more to our lives than only physical/mental/emotional existence. This realization can come as intellectual knowledge or as a direct experience.

In the most profound Spiritual awakening, you have a direct experience of what you really are -universal awareness observing emptiness.

In between these most basic and most advanced awakenings are many other valid experiences.

Here are a few major examples in no particular order. Many people skip experiences while resonating deeply with other experiences, depending on their Spiritual path.

· You become able to see/feel subtle energy. Awakening their students to subtle energy is one of the first experiences any good Reiki or Chi Gong teacher gives her students.

· You become able to consciously use your mind to control energy.

· You have a white light experience.

· You realize the existence of a creator or supreme being.

· You become able to recognize your emotional charges -the emotional energies that perpetuate your mental stories and compel your actions.

· Becoming able to experience the pain of others, the ultimate manifestation being taking on all the pain of all beings.

· Your Kundalini activates either spontaneously, through an initiation or by doing a practice.

· You have a near death experience.

· You have an out of body experience.

· You experience oneness -our universe is actually one vast, living, intelligent organism that you are a small, inseparable part of.

· You become capable of speech and action without thoughts being present. All your actions originate effortlessly out of an empty mind state.

· You exist in pure awareness and, like God or Buddha, can simultaneously observe the actions of all beings and phenomena in our universe.

From reading through this partial list, you can easily understand that there are many different kinds of Spiritual awakenings.

Next time someone tells you they had a Spiritual wakening, ask them to describe their experience. Then you’ll know a bit more about what actually happened to them.

How can I have a Spiritual awakening?

You can certainly have a Spiritual awakening. And, if you’ve already had one, you can break through to another, higher level.

A very important point to consider regarding your awakening experience is the ripeness of your present state. And your present state is constantly evolving from moment to moment.

If the conditions in your life are ripe, an awakening is going to happen. You may not have much choice. You’ll simply have to deal with it. This is happening to more and more individuals as our collective consciousness matures.

Conversely, if you’re not ready, you’ll have to devote yourself to doing your Spiritual work until you are ready. Here’s an example:

Bhagavan, the Spiritual leader of India’s Oneness University, has given Deeksha (his personal state of enlightenment) to tens of thousands. Many have been transported instantly into a Spiritual awakening.

However, nothing ever happened for one young man from California.

“I’ve received Deeksha a hundred times, but nothing happens for me. Why?” He asked Bhagavan.

“The energy is working its way through your blocks. There’s nothing you can do except keep working on it,” Bhagavan told him.

If you haven’t done the work of cleansing yourself of the karma generated by all your harmful actions in past lives, you’ll have to do it now.

If you have done your work in past lives, it will probably be fairly easy to awaken to the level you attained in those lives.

Spiritual awakening occurs in two different ways – spontaneous awakenings and engineered awakenings.

Spontaneous awakenings are often triggered by a personal life crises, but can happen for no readily apparent reason.

Painful life events often bring self-examination and a questioning of your familiar status quo that has been disrupted.

The realization comes that a physical/mental/emotional existence is no longer enough for you.

Significant traumatic events include divorce, job loss, home loss, financial loss, death in the family, accidents, severe illness and near death experiences.

The pain and stress caused by these events can also trigger a spontaneous Spiritual breakthrough without the self-examination process. Just experiencing intense suffering often triggers a Spiritual awakening.

Now most of us would never choose to experience any painful events, but we would still like to have an awakening of some kind.

Engineered awakenings are certainly possible and may be more frequent than spontaneous awakenings.

You can create your own Spiritual awakening through one or a combination of activities.

There is no set formula for creating your personal awakening because you’re a unique individual. You have enjoyed your own experiences over the countless lifetimes that have gotten you to this point –ready to awaken.

If you’ve done a particular type of practice, or lived a certain way in a past life, rediscovering the methods you’ve already used will enable you to make fast progress in your Spiritual search in this life.

As you read through the list below, notice which activities attract or repel you. These merit more research on your part.

1. Working with a teacher. This might be your best choice because a person who is already awakened knows how to guide you and will save you a lot of wasted effort.

You’ll need a realized (enlightened) person.

People who have experienced ego death in emptiness can give you the real deal.

Those who haven’t experienced ego death are still working through their own ‘stuff’ and will mislead you simply because they don’t have first-hand experience and don’t know the path themselves.

If you can find a teacher who has experienced ego death AND released all his attachments, you’re truly blessed. These individuals are exceedingly rare.

2. Being in the presence of a person who is highly advanced Spiritually.

People who are already in an advanced state of awakening can trigger your awakening because your energy system and mind attune themselves to the higher influence.

Many, many seekers have experienced spontaneous Spiritual awakenings by simply being in the same room with a guru, yogi or saint.

3. Receiving Deeksha or Shaktipat

Deeksha refers to the personal energy of an enlightened guru, yogi or Saint.

Each enlightened person has his own particular Deeksha energy because he has had a unique set of experiences that brought him to his present state.

Often these enlightened individuals will give followers direct transmissions of Deeksha that can propel recipients directly into the givers own state of awareness.

It’s best to receive Deeksha directly from the source rather than from a disciple.

Shaktipat works a bit differently. Shakti refers to the smallest energy particles existing. These particles appear out of emptiness and disappear back into it almost instantaneously.

Everything in our universe is created from Shakti particles.

The user of Shaktipat simply works with the Shakti particles inside you to create whatever he wants to manifest.

If you’re clean enough to realize what he’s given you, you awaken.

4. Visiting places where enlightened people have lived and practiced.

The energies in these places have been imprinted by the enlightened person’s Spiritual work done during the period of time he was present there.

Your own energy is elevated by spending time in what he left behind. Caves, ashrams, churches, mosques and other holy sites are good to visit.

Awakenings are common in the cave Vashita Guha in Rishikesh, India. An unbroken line of enlightened people has been meditating in this cave for more than 2000 years.

The Advaita philosophy that the majority of Hindus subscribe to was born here.

When you meditate in a place like this, your mind is exposed to the meditation of all who have been there before you.

5. Visiting Earth’s power points.

Certain places on our planet have very special energies that make awakenings in them common.

The vortexes around Sedona, Arizona; Mt. Shasta, California; Lake Toba, Indonesia and hundreds more sites are visited by seekers who often enjoy elevating experiences.

6. Gathering knowledge can be invaluable. Reading books, searching the Internet, watching videos or movies and talking to knowledgeable people are all helpful.

I’m not a Christian, but I experienced my very first vision and out of body experience while quietly reading a book by a Christian minister.

The words he had written triggered my experience.

And I’ve spontaneously received Deeksha while reading a book.

Intellectual learning can trigger Spiritual awakenings.

7. Major religious paths are much criticized for being dogmatic, ritualistic and devoid of life.

Yet within Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism you can find individuals and groups that are awakened and alive.

These paths are invaluable because they contain practices have stood the test of time, producing untold numbers of saints. These practices are still with us because they’ve worked for generations of practitioners before you.

8. Creating your own path.

Interestingly, the current information age makes it exceedingly easy to examine different practices and create your own by drawing bits and pieces out of the major religions.

New Age does this, and you can too.

You might choose to combine pranayama breathing exercises and yoga from Hinduism, awareness meditation from Buddhism, chi gong exercises from Taoism and prayer from Christianity and Islam.

Nine important symptoms of Spiritual awakening

1. Ecstatic experiences are the obvious, and most sought after, sign of awakening.

Visions, significant dreams, out of body experiences (OBE), near death experiences (NDE), Kundalini awakenings and mind blowing realizations are all significant.

2. Severe problems become insignificant.

Here’s a conversation that actually happened in India between two neighboring women after one of them returned from an ashram.

“You look so happy. Did your husband finally stop beating you?”

“No. He still beats me, but it doesn’t matter anymore.”

No one could understand why I was laughing and so happy in the days after I lost my arms in a motorcycle accident.

And I couldn’t explain the euphoria that came from the deep knowing that my old life was completely, irrevocably, gone forever. I had a brand new life that I could do anything I wanted with.

I was blissfully overjoyed.

3. Love and compassion grow.

You begin experiencing more clearly the pain and suffering of both yourself and others more clearly.

This opens a wellspring of compassionate love in you.

4. Synchronicities appear everywhere.

You see clearly that events around you are not haphazard or coincidental but are a direct reflection of the unfolding Spiritual path you’re on.

5. You need time alone.

You’re no longer satisfied by constant contact with others or need your time filled with TV, social media or noise.

Instead, you become your own best friend as you quietly explore your ever expanding mind.

6. Relationships change.

People willing to adjust to the new you become closer.

People who can’t adjust to the changes leave your life.

7. You see clearly the falsity in everything around you.

People, relationships, work, politics, the media, everything you’ve been taught -all come under intense scrutiny as you’re compelled to discover truth.

8. You see your own faults.

You understand how your behavior patterns, emotions and thoughts are harming yourself and others.

9. You have a deep desire to know who and what you really are.

This is the driving force that will compel your search for more and more Spiritual awakening experiences.

When you finally experience who and what you are, peace comes.

Managing your Spiritual awakening

How do you manage something as magical as awakening?

Somehow, it feels like just considering managing your wonderful experience somehow lessens its magical qualities.

But think about these three questions.

Do you want to keep the results of your wonderful experience?

Do you want more of these experiences?

Do you have a way to cope with the inevitable changes your Spiritual awakening will bring into your life?

Here are some activities you can use to help you keep growing Spiritually.

1. Establish a daily practice.

A daily practice is the surest way to keep your awakening alive. It’s also where you work out any issues that your increased awareness is revealing for you to deal with.

And deeper insights will certainly come. Maybe not every day, but they will be born out of your practice.

2. Find a good teacher.

Having an experienced guide who has already experienced Spiritual awakening has many advantages.

She’ll be able to explain and put into context your own experiences, guide you to the next level and keep you from making many mistakes.

3. Establish a network of like-minded people around you who will support you and share experiences with you.

It’s amazingly helpful to have good friends to share experiences with. It really helps that lonely sensation that comes to most seekers.

We've helped many, many people enjoy, understand and create Spiritual Awakenings.

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